Understanding Your Sleep Study

What happens during a sleep test?

A sleep test, or polysomnogram (PSG), is usually performed overnight, allowing us to monitor your sleep patterns. Before you go to sleep, a specially trained technician will apply sensors, which measure your brain activity, eye movements, heart rhythm, breathing effort, muscle activities, and oxygen levels while you sleep … completely pain free. The sensors are connected by wires to a computer that records and stores data. The wires are long and small, enabling you to move freely in bed.

While you may think that sleeping with these devices will be difficult, most patients fall asleep very easily. If a sensor becomes unattached the sleep technician will awaken you to reattach it. The technician may also awaken you to apply an air pressure device if he or she notices that you may have a severe sleep breathing disorder that might benefit from immediate therapy. Once you fall back asleep, data will be collected on how your sleep patterns respond to the therapy.

The next morning, the technician will unhook the sensors, and you will be able to resume your daily activities.

Your sleep test will be analyzed by a Board-certified sleep disorder physician who will then recommend treatment.  Results take approximately two weeks and will be sent to the physician that prescribed your sleep study.

What should I bring to the sleep test?

Our CNY Medical Professionals sleep labs provide a cozy, quiet atmosphere with many of the comforts of home. You will stay in a private bedroom with an attached bathroom. We recommend that you bring the same items as you would for a stay at a hotel:

  • Comfortable pajamas
  • A change of clothes for the morning
  • Your own pillow, if you’d like
  • Medications, if necessary

Can I have a sleep test at home?

CNY Medical Professionals also offers the option of Home Sleep Testing (HST) for some patients who meet the medical criteria. HST is a reliable, fast and easy first step in diagnosing sleep apnea. It allows you to use home testing equipment from CNY Medical Professionals in your home. You can pick up the equipment from the CNY Medical Professionals Sleep Lab after receiving thorough instruction from one of our registered technologists. At home, you apply the sensors as instructed prior to going to sleep, and the following morning, return the equipment to CNY Medical Professionals for analysis.